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We capture aerial imagery which is used to create maps, 3D models, and reports that allow businesses to save time, guide decisions, reduce risk, and increase their bottom line. The layers generated from the aerial images are listed below. Within each layer there are annotation and measurement tools (distance, area measurement, and volume calculation). Explore the sample maps below.

Map Layers

2D Map - You can think of the 2D orthomosaic map as a birds-eye view of your area of interest.

Plant Health - Plant Health is a tool specifically targeted towards agriculture. The main purpose of this layer is to allow you to explore your agricultural data even more deeply.

Elevation - The elevation layer provides the digital surface model information used to measure and understand the elevations of your map.

3D Model - The 3D model layer is a great interactive tool that visualizes your area of interest in a different space.


Maximize yields and reduce costs

Minimize crop loss and boost yield with rapid intervention

Spot problems and measure plant health instantly

Scout hundreds of acres

Open Agriculture Example

Sample Corn Stress Analysis Report

Sample Potato Stand Count Report

Sample Soybean Pest Analysis Report

Sample Soybean Stand Count Report


Simplify pre-construction site planning and design

Evaluate project health with a visual timeline of a job site

Compare actual conditions to pre-construction designs

Detect and correct plan defects and deviations

Open Construction Example


Lower Risk & Improved Safety

Roof reports provide square footage, roof features, pitch, surface area, and slope

Perfect for insurance claims

All measurements are 99.4% accurate

Open Roofing Example

Sample Roof Report

To receive an accurate quote please submit address you would like mapped.

We also will map your personal property.

If You Own A Business You Need A Website

We market to the business sector most technology companies tend to overlook…..the small business. If your small business doesn't have a website to promote your business you could be missing potential customers. If you have a Facebook page or online Yellow Page listing that's nice but doesn't help your search engine listings. Many small businesses need help with an online presence. All of our small business websites are developed with no upfront costs. All charges are included in a small monthly fee.



S & B Technologies is the maintainer and webmaster for American Legion Post 202. When our website became outdated and in need of a face lift and technology upgrade S & B provided a seamless and effortless transition for the Post and Home association. Their ability to leverage multi-platform use has allowed us to not only gain a more efficient and effective site, but it has given us the capability to provide a one stop center for information and activities related to Post 202 and its organizations.

Lewis Jones,Commander, Gettysburg American Legion Post 202


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